Hold on. Let me catch up!

Geez, I haven’t done this is awhile. A long while. So much has changed since I last stopped in. I need to change the title of my blog because I am no longer a SAHM. I have been working now for the last 3 months at an animal hospital about 20 minutes from my house. I worked there 6 years ago so I know mostly everyone that works there which is cool. It’s nice to get out of the house and do something for myself and it feels good to be helping hubby with the bills and such! I know he’s glad that everything is off his shoulders and I am too because since both of us our working things have been good :). Ian is out for Christmas break and I honestly think that a week and a half is much too long for a break. His last day of school was December 20th. I remember when I was in school we got early dismissal on Christmas Eve and we were off for Christmas and New Years and back to school on January 3rd we went. Ian is out until this coming Wednesday (8th). He’s been out of school for awhile and I think he’s actually anxious to go back to school. He keeps asking me what we are doing today. He wants the whole day planned out lol. *sigh

I’m actually off today, tomorrow and Sunday, Monday I go back to work. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years  was fun but I am so glad that the holidays are OVER! Thanksgiving was a big rush all day like always and Christmas was a little bit also. I didn’t do anything for New Years, we stayed in and then New Years Day we went to hubbys grandmas and had dinner. She made corned beef, cabbage and corn bread. I don’t like cabbage so I just had the meat and some cornbread and a few slices of tomatoe. I had never had corned beef before, like real corned beef. I’ve had corned beef hash but never the real stuff cooked in the oven lol. Anyhow… I made no resolutions this year, I never stick to them so why make them lol. I worked yesterday and one of our kennel techs got fired. He was a really nice guy but everyone was tired of picking up his slack and the last couple weeks everything he did was always half assed and it was so annoying. I think that’s been the most interesting thing that has happened in my life lol. Oh no wait.. I did get my cartilage pierced lol. And here we are today lol…. and I’m in front of the computer lol. Anyhow not to interesting I know but thanks for reading!


Tears In My Eye

I don’t know if anyone believes in ghosts or paranormal activity but I do 100%! I was just having a conversation with my mom and my 6 year old knows his great Aunt Juanita. Thing is she passed away a month before he was born. I have a picture of her and my brother on my fridge. Ian sees it one day and tells me, “Mommy, that’s Aunt Needie.” I had never said anything to him about her. I mean sure I’d talked about her but I never really told Ian about her. That day he walked into the kitchen and said matter of factly who that was in the picture, that day will stick with me forever. I know he sees her. Before she passed away my mom and I were at the hospital everyday just about and she was so happy that I was pregnant and with a baby boy. She always told me I’d have boys and I have 2. Anyhow… everyday I saw her before she passed away she would talk to my belly and rub my belly, sometimes even kiss it lol. She loved Ian before he was ever born as did I. Now she’s been gone since April 2007 and I swear she has been with Ian from the day he was born. He was born May 31, 2007. She watches over him. Sometimes after I put him to bed I hear him laughing quietly or talking and I think he’s talking to her, his great Aunt Needie :). When I hear him I’ll peak in his room and he’s always facing the wall, his back to me and the tv…but he’s always looking at something, at her :).

That image is what got this whole story started because I do believe! Do you? Share stories if you have any!


Just In!!

Some awesome news has just been released about Halloween Horror Nights! They’re having an Evil Dead house this year! Hells yeah.. I am freaking stoked :). This year is going to be way beyond awesome! Hurry September hurry :). Also on a much different note.. I cleaned my sliding glass door this morning and it seriously looks like the door is open because it’s so clear lol. I keep looking at the door thinking “Why is the door open?” Hahahaha. It’s the first time it’s been cleaned in a few weeks.. anyhow… happy Tuesday folks!


Jumbled Up!

I do have some very good news today :). Hubby talked to his mom last night and she has agreed to watch BOTH the boys so we can go to Orlando by ourselves! I’m so stoked about it. It has been way too long since we’ve had some mom and dad time because either we have both kids or just Thomas. Ian spends the night with memaw a lot lol. Anyhow.. we’re meeting her at 7am Saturday and she’s going to take the boys and then off to Disney we shall go :)…. woop woop lol. On another note we’re supposed to have a troicpal storm hit us over the weekend. I am hoping and wishing that it passes by us because we DO NOT need anymore rain here in Florida. If we get anymore rain we might all as well get a boat or a freaking canoe. It’s been nice for a few days but we’ve still had so much rain! It totally blows, especially when you have 2 boys who are just full of energy all day long! So I’ve got my fingers crossed that the rain misses us. On another note that has nothing to do with anything above………….

Thomas has been walking around kissing everything lol. He’s 20 months old and he’s so full of kisses and slobber lol. He kisses Mickey Mouse on the tv, if I’m sitting or standing close to him he just randomly kisses whatever part of my body he can reach lol. When I’m standing it’s usually my leg or my hand and if I’m sitting it’s my forearm or my knee. It’s so stinking cute. He kissed the vacuum this morning and Ian (big bubba) was watching tv and Thomas walked up behind Ian and poked him and says, “Bubba.” I told him yep that was bubba and he kissed the back of Ian’s head. It was cute. Of course Ian being an attitude/smart mouth of a mess wiped the kiss off and told Thomas to go away. I swear that kid (Ian) is 6 going on 16 lol. Anyhow that’s my story for the day :). Enjoy your Tuesday guys!


Dream A Little Dream

AS I sit here drinking my coffee I feel like everything is moving in slow motion this morning! Last night we took the boys to see fireworks. I didn’t think we would get to see them because it was raining so bad but the rain slacked off and the fireworks were still on. We had planned to go to the Mooshaven here in Orange Park but once we got up there we couldn’t find a place to park. So we ended up in a Doller General parking lot a little ways down from Moosehaven watching the fireworks lol. For the most part we could see them pretty well and there weren’t too many trees to obstruct our view. The boys enjoyed it so that’s all that matters :). But anyhow…. for some reason last night all feels like I dreampt it. I don’t know if it’s because we were up so late or what. I know it happened but it feels like it didn’t. I know that makes no sense whatsoever and it sounds really weird but that’s how it feels lol. Anyone ever have a moment that feels like that? On top of everything the boys are really getting on mommy’s nerves this morning. Ian is being his usualy bossy self and Thomas is NOT liking being bossed around. There was almost a fist fight a few days ago between the two of them *sigh!

On another note mine and hubby’s trip to Disney… well we’ve added another person. We’ve decided to take Ian with us. Hubby and I were talking and our boys are insane lol, so we don’t want his (hubby’s) mom to be stressed out so we decided to take Ian and leave the baby with his mom. Ian always gets a little nervous when we go so I hope this trip doesn’t turn into a disater. I will let you know how things turn out :)!! Happy Friday everyone!Image

My time is coming.

I think I’m getting my time out very soon :). Remember that Disney trip I was talking about? I think it’s just going to be me and Hubby! Ian, my oldest who’s 6, has been a trillion times and Thomas, my youngest who is 20 months today :)…OMG HE’LL BE 2 IN 4 MONTHS..WTF *sigh! Haha.. off subject sorry… anyhow Thomas has never been but Hubby and I both think that he’s too young still to enjoy anything. So Hubby is going to ask his mom if she’ll keep the boys overnight so he and I can go. It will be so nice to have some alone time, just me and him :). I am looking forward to it. Loads of fun to be had..loads of fun :)!


Mommy Needs A Time Out

I do I honestly truly do! I am the mommy of some very early risers. They go to bed at the same time every night and wake so early. I haven’t slept past 6am all Summer. I am so tired. Tired of being so tired. There’s been a few occasions where they’ve been up late and they still wake me at the same time. I hate waking up so early and for the past few months my Thomas (19 months) has woken up crying or screaming, not cooing and talky talky like most babies. He has been teething so maybe that is the reason.. most defiantly NOT the way anyone wants to be woken up. It doesn’t start for a very good day. So needless to say these past few weeks have been a roller coaster. I’m a light sleeper so every little noise I hear I wake up. I wake up most nights around 3 to 4 times then combine that with waking up at 6am and then hearing mom mom mom all day. FRUSTRATING! Very hard for me to get a minute of peace. Right now my oldest, Ian (6), is sitting on the couch “mom-ing” me. All I can do is take a deep breath and remind myself how much I love him lol. I need a time out lol!