A beach and a cold beer

That is seriously what this Momma needs right now. I have really had it with my weekends lately, if I’m not stressed about the kids then it’s something else. Sometimes I wish I could just work all the time. I feel like I can’t relax!!! Right now today has been a horrible afternoon…the boys were being bad so I tried taking them outside but they want to throw things at the house and hit each other so I made them come in. My 5 year old is a hot mess and he is just all over the place. He has done nothing but get into trouble today. I feel like I’m getting onto him every 2 seconds for something! Most times I can keep him quiet with his tablet but he won’t even sit down for 5 minutes to play with that today. My oldest is keeping himself occupied for the moment, thank God. In the meantime my 5 year old is in the same room as I am jumping off the toy box with a light saber SMH. I have no patience left for today. I wish it was bedtime already and I wish my husband was home to help…. although he probably wouldn’t be. He’d be sitting on the couch watching fucking Netflix and yelling at the kids from the couch. So like my title reads I need a beach and a cold beer….hell I may get hammered once hubby does get home or I may just go drive off a bridge who knows! I seriously feel like I’m going to have a heart attack, I feel lightheaded and I really just want to pack up and run away. I know I can’t, my boys need me but it was a nice thought. Just me and a book, a beer and some sand between my toes…. UGH…. sounds like paradise. Instead I’m stuck at home with 2 crazy kids, no money and watching Sing for the millionth time. *sigh*

Don’t even et me started about tomorrow. We have to go over to my husbands Grandmas. Sometimes it isn’t so bad but the kind of mood I’ve been in lately I just don’t wanna go. She always asks questions and sometimes I just don’t want to talk. Hubbys mom will be over there so maybe it wont be so bad. Anyways…….hong kong phooey.