Work & Friends

I guess you could say that I’m learning this the hard way. Especially when that person is your boss. My now ex boss and I had a mutual friend and I totally messed up when I trusted this mutual friend. I should have known that expressing my feelings to her was the wrong thing to do but I was really hurt and I really needed someone to talk to so I vomited everything on her about how things were different with me and Yanira (ex boss) and how I felt that I was getting treated like crap and no one else was. I cried to her and everything. Well like I said before I should have known better bc when Yanira did have a chance to talk she got mad bc I didn’t come to her. I DID!!!! She called me a drama queen and told me I was being paranoid but I knew better, she was different to me and I called her out on it and then she threw it in my face about how I went behind her back and talked to everyone about “our” problem. I never told anyone except Lolli and it’a sad that all the other girls I worked with saw me getting treated differently BUT Yanira never did. It was the dumbest thing ever and at that minute I knew that Lolli (mutual friend) had told her what I had said and knowing her she probably lied about half of it to make me sound like a bitch. Anyhow…. I’m trying my best to put it all behind me and move on but it is hard bc before Lolli entered the picture Yanira and I were inseparable. She pushed me out of the circle and became BFF’s with Lolli and I wasn’t included in anything anymore.

So anyways, I quit my job at Plantation and got a new job at another animal hospital. I am a lot happier here but it’s still in the back of my mind about them. I heard that after I left they were mocking me and how I complained about everything. I never complained as much as the 2 of them but I guess none of that matters anymore.