Don’t have a title for this one…

A lot of things have changed since 2014, a lot. Today I am feeling bitter about a lot of things but I’m sick also so that just adds to my frustration. My boys are 100 mph today and it’s looks like there’s no chance of them calming down anytime soon. Christmas kind of sucked but it usually does for me. I’m glad that my family was here to celebrate it with me though. I had to work a lot during Christmas break so I only got to spend a day or so with the boys. They are full of piss and vinegar but I still miss them lol. This morning my youngest broke my beloved Jack Skellington cup, he dropped it so it was an accident. I called my husband to vent bc this cup was seriously my favorite cup in the world. I used it for coffee, ice cream, soup. Anyway, I called my husband to vent and instead of him being like I’m sorry babe he was like Ok, I don’t know what you want me to say. Show a little compassion asshole…he doesn’t care but nothing new there I guess. He cares but not enough I think, it’s weird. It doesn’t help that I’m feeling bitter today I guess bc everything sucks today and I hate everyone lol. I need to be on a deserted island where there is no one but me and my freaking dog. Things are a mess I think I need a girls night, I’m texting my sister. I figured I would feel better after this but I don’t. Anyway… happy new years eve everyone and whatever you do tonight please be safe! 


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