Good News

Marriage is tough and if you don’t work on it and fight for it then it’s just a waste of time! Tuesday night was a bad night for hubby and I but like always we talked it through and now things are good with us. I’m thankful that he listened to me this time and he actually told me some things and both of us have some things to work on. He told me that we need to reconnect at home. He works and I work, we come home, have dinner and get the boys to bed without hardly talking to each other! The past few days we have been trying to spend time together after the boys go to bed and so far so good! It’s a first for me but I actually watched a preseason football game with him last night!

We decided that in a few weeks we are going to go on a trip, just the 2 of us. I think it will do us some good to be alone, no kids, no work just him and I, some conversation  and lots of fun :). If anyone is curious we are going to Tampa to Busch Gardens. I know we need this, it’s been way to long for us. We always have the kids with us and don’t get me wrong I love our boys to the moon and back but It’s always nice to have mommy and daddy time too. 🙂


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