I seriously hate my life sometimes.. like really hate it. Hate it enough to where I wish I could just pack my stuff and go somewhere where no one could ever find me. Anyone else feel like that? I feel like that right now. My husband is in a crappy mood and he’s being an ass to me. He called me stupid and told me to leave. I’m so over his piss fits, I mean he’s almost 36 and he acts like he is 2! It’s stupid and totally unacceptable! I’m sleeping on the couch tonight. Hell I’m outside on my front patio bc I can’t stand to be around him. I really wish for once he’d think about someone other than himself. I’ve been sitting outside for half and hour and not once has he checked on me. I could have been snatched up or shot! I mean he has to know I’m somewhere. If you have a fight with your SO and you go to separate rooms to calm down, once you’re cooled off and came out and you noticed your SO wasn’t there wouldn’t you look for them? I would. He has no clue how I feel bc he never takes the time to listen. 😦 And when I say anything he gets so defensive!
Anyhow…. I have work tomorrow so I guess I’d better try and get some sleep.. ta ta.


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