Hold on. Let me catch up!

Geez, I haven’t done this is awhile. A long while. So much has changed since I last stopped in. I need to change the title of my blog because I am no longer a SAHM. I have been working now for the last 3 months at an animal hospital about 20 minutes from my house. I worked there 6 years ago so I know mostly everyone that works there which is cool. It’s nice to get out of the house and do something for myself and it feels good to be helping hubby with the bills and such! I know he’s glad that everything is off his shoulders and I am too because since both of us our working things have been good :). Ian is out for Christmas break and I honestly think that a week and a half is much too long for a break. His last day of school was December 20th. I remember when I was in school we got early dismissal on Christmas Eve and we were off for Christmas and New Years and back to school on January 3rd we went. Ian is out until this coming Wednesday (8th). He’s been out of school for awhile and I think he’s actually anxious to go back to school. He keeps asking me what we are doing today. He wants the whole day planned out lol. *sigh

I’m actually off today, tomorrow and Sunday, Monday I go back to work. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years ¬†was fun but I am so glad that the holidays are OVER! Thanksgiving was a big rush all day like always and Christmas was a little bit also. I didn’t do anything for New Years, we stayed in and then New Years Day we went to hubbys grandmas and had dinner. She made corned beef, cabbage and corn bread. I don’t like cabbage so I just had the meat and some cornbread and a few slices of tomatoe. I had never had corned beef before, like real corned beef. I’ve had corned beef hash but never the real stuff cooked in the oven lol. Anyhow… I made no resolutions this year, I never stick to them so why make them lol. I worked yesterday and one of our kennel techs got fired. He was a really nice guy but everyone was tired of picking up his slack and the last couple weeks everything he did was always half assed and it was so annoying. I think that’s been the most interesting thing that has happened in my life lol. Oh no wait.. I did get my cartilage pierced lol. And here we are today lol…. and I’m in front of the computer lol. Anyhow not to interesting I know but thanks for reading!