Tears In My Eye

I don’t know if anyone believes in ghosts or paranormal activity but I do 100%! I was just having a conversation with my mom and my 6 year old knows his great Aunt Juanita. Thing is she passed away a month before he was born. I have a picture of her and my brother on my fridge. Ian sees it one day and tells me, “Mommy, that’s Aunt Needie.” I had never said anything to him about her. I mean sure I’d talked about her but I never really told Ian about her. That day he walked into the kitchen and said matter of factly who that was in the picture, that day will stick with me forever. I know he sees her. Before she passed away my mom and I were at the hospital everyday just about and she was so happy that I was pregnant and with a baby boy. She always told me I’d have boys and I have 2. Anyhow… everyday I saw her before she passed away she would talk to my belly and rub my belly, sometimes even kiss it lol. She loved Ian before he was ever born as did I. Now she’s been gone since April 2007 and I swear she has been with Ian from the day he was born. He was born May 31, 2007. She watches over him. Sometimes after I put him to bed I hear him laughing quietly or talking and I think he’s talking to her, his great Aunt Needie :). When I hear him I’ll peak in his room and he’s always facing the wall, his back to me and the tv…but he’s always looking at something, at her :).

That image is what got this whole story started because I do believe! Do you? Share stories if you have any!



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