Jumbled Up!

I do have some very good news today :). Hubby talked to his mom last night and she has agreed to watch BOTH the boys so we can go to Orlando by ourselves! I’m so stoked about it. It has been way too long since we’ve had some mom and dad time because either we have both kids or just Thomas. Ian spends the night with memaw a lot lol. Anyhow.. we’re meeting her at 7am Saturday and she’s going to take the boys and then off to Disney we shall go :)…. woop woop lol. On another note we’re supposed to have a troicpal storm hit us over the weekend. I am hoping and wishing that it passes by us because we DO NOT need anymore rain here in Florida. If we get anymore rain we might all as well get a boat or a freaking canoe. It’s been nice for a few days but we’ve still had so much rain! It totally blows, especially when you have 2 boys who are just full of energy all day long! So I’ve got my fingers crossed that the rain misses us. On another note that has nothing to do with anything above………….

Thomas has been walking around kissing everything lol. He’s 20 months old and he’s so full of kisses and slobber lol. He kisses Mickey Mouse on the tv, if I’m sitting or standing close to him he just randomly kisses whatever part of my body he can reach lol. When I’m standing it’s usually my leg or my hand and if I’m sitting it’s my forearm or my knee. It’s so stinking cute. He kissed the vacuum this morning and Ian (big bubba) was watching tv and Thomas walked up behind Ian and poked him and says, “Bubba.” I told him yep that was bubba and he kissed the back of Ian’s head. It was cute. Of course Ian being an attitude/smart mouth of a mess wiped the kiss off and told Thomas to go away. I swear that kid (Ian) is 6 going on 16 lol. Anyhow that’s my story for the day :). Enjoy your Tuesday guys!



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