Dream A Little Dream

AS I sit here drinking my coffee I feel like everything is moving in slow motion this morning! Last night we took the boys to see fireworks. I didn’t think we would get to see them because it was raining so bad but the rain slacked off and the fireworks were still on. We had planned to go to the Mooshaven here in Orange Park but once we got up there we couldn’t find a place to park. So we ended up in a Doller General parking lot a little ways down from Moosehaven watching the fireworks lol. For the most part we could see them pretty well and there weren’t too many trees to obstruct our view. The boys enjoyed it so that’s all that matters :). But anyhow…. for some reason last night all feels like I dreampt it. I don’t know if it’s because we were up so late or what. I know it happened but it feels like it didn’t. I know that makes no sense whatsoever and it sounds really weird but that’s how it feels lol. Anyone ever have a moment that feels like that? On top of everything the boys are really getting on mommy’s nerves this morning. Ian is being his usualy bossy self and Thomas is NOT liking being bossed around. There was almost a fist fight a few days ago between the two of them *sigh!

On another note mine and hubby’s trip to Disney… well we’ve added another person. We’ve decided to take Ian with us. Hubby and I were talking and our boys are insane lol, so we don’t want his (hubby’s) mom to be stressed out so we decided to take Ian and leave the baby with his mom. Ian always gets a little nervous when we go so I hope this trip doesn’t turn into a disater. I will let you know how things turn out :)!! Happy Friday everyone!Image


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