Here We Go Again

Summer break is not even nearly over and it’s starting to get really hot! I was running out of ideas until my husband came up with one last night. I was talking to him last night and he’s been getting some overtime in and he just left for an out of town trip down south for work. He’s getting paid for 12 hour days and he got a raise on Friday :). Good news for us right? We still haven’t gotten our tax refund check, according to the IRS it’s been recieved and it’s still being processed. Anyhow, hubby suggested that we take the boys to WDW next weekend! I’m excited but in a way I only half believe him. Our passes are running out soon and I’ve been bugging him to go and then last night just out of the blue he starts talking about all the overtime he’s getting and then he says that we’ll go to WDW next weekend. I want to go so I hope he didn’t just say that to make me feel better (yesterday was pretty bad). So everyone keep your fingers crossed for us. I haven’t said anything to the boys yet and even if it turns out that we go I think I’ll keep it a surprise :). Thomas is still young so it won’t make a difference to him if I say anything or not BUT Ian… oh man lol. To prepare Ian I think I’ll just tell him that we’re going on a trip somewhere but I won’t tell him where. He’s okay with surprises but he likes to know what’s going on. So here’s to hoping this doesn’t fall through!Image


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