When life hands you lemons…

… smash those fuckers! That’s what I would do right now! This weekend has been terriable. Its 6:41am here and I’ve been up off and on since 4am. The baby woke up because he lost his paci and so of course ME not my husband got up, found the paci and gave it to baby. Baby tossed and turned for an hour before he finally fell back asleep only to wake up at 6:22am. I was just falling back asleep. Now I am up and so are both the boys and my husband is still in bed! I NEVER get to sleep in ( whining a bit.. sorry).
I’ve been in a shit mood since yesterday! We took the boys to the park because Ian had a play date. Afterwards we got ice cream. After ice cream is when my mood started. Hubby needs a new cell phone, we stopped at 2 different stores for him and I had to sit in the car with the boys! Sometimes I feel like we’re an inconvienence to him! It was BS! Anyhow we came home and he had to go to the neighbors and then he had to go to the store. We did need things from the store but it’s annoying that he didn’t want us to go ANYWHERE with him! Everytime he “needed” to go somewhere I stayed home with the boys. Fair..I think NOT! Anyhow, that’s all for now but I’m sure I’ll have something else to add later!


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