Monday Blues….maybe

Today did NOT start off as being a good day but Mondays never do I guess. Bad things happen on Monday. Thomas (my 19month old) had me up at 6am and shortly after Ian (my 6 yr old) woke up. So me and both the boys were up super early and I am not liking that I had to wake up early. Thomas has been banging on everthing and Ian keeps smelling my feet.. weirdo lol. He (meaning Ian) is just looking for some kind of trouble to get into and he keeps pestering the dog *sigh*. It makes me want to scream at the top of my lungs, no one would hear me though.

On another note Fathers Day did turn out to be a great day! We celebrated for 2 days. Saturday we went to my Dad’s house and surprisingly my step mom was fucking sober! I was speechless and she made homemade mac and cheese, which is amazing by the way and she bought a cake and had it decorated for my Dad and Steve! My Dad… it was good to see him. It had been 6 months since I’d seen my Dad and I was very sad when we had to leave. My Dad is one of those people that tell you one thing and then do something totally different. I love my Dad and he’s a really good Dad but ever since my Memaw (his mom) died he’s been a different person, more closed off and distant. Anyhow, he just couldn’t get over how big the boys were and when we got there he was very teary eyed. I thought for sure he was going to cry and as a daughter, it is the worst thing in the world to see your Daddy cry. He didn’t cry though :). It was such a relief to be over there and not have any drama. My step mom drinks a lot and she pops pills on top of it and then things just go to hell and she becomes fucking crazy! I could tell you some stories from my childhood about her but I’ll save those for another time. Anyway, my Dad got in the pool with Ian and Thomas and he was just eating all that up, he loved seeing us. And let me just tell you.. him spending time with the boys and smiling and laughing with them just made my day. I loved seeing my Dad so happy. That was the reason I was sad for leaving because I was taking the boys home and he got really sad. He wanted Ian to spend the night with him but I had no clothes or anything so I told my Dad another time and he seemed okay with that.

ImageMy Dad with the boysImageDaddy and Thomas

Now onto Sunday, Fathers Day, that was a good day too. We met Steve’s (husband) parents at Golden Corral for lunch. My god was it packed. Just us getting in and paying we were in line for like 5 minutes! When we got up to the front and paid and all the jazz we were seated and guess where they sat us? Right by the ice machine lol.. so everytime the waitresses had to come get ice Thomas would jump and fuss when they started filling up the buckets lol. We all got a good giggle out of it that’s for sure. He’d (meaning Thomas) look over at them and the look on his face was like WTF lol. Good stuff, good stuff. Lunch was good and then we were going to go play mini golf but we decided we’d go another time since the boys were both moody. No one would have fun. 

Now as far as Summer break….. it’s been insane. That’s the only word I have to describe it! We’ve got lots of plans for the Summer but we’re still waiting on our damn tax check to come so we can get things under way. Last Friday Ian had a playdate with his best buddy Gabe. Gabe’s mom came and so did Gabe’s little sister Grace. We went to the park by my apartment and then we played in the water hose and ate doughnuts and popsicles hahaha. One of Ian’s teachers even came and hung out with us. Ian has 3 teachers, 1 actual teacher and then 2 teacher aides. They’ve all become my friends :). We all text each other all the time lol. I’m going to try and set up another playdate with Tina (Gabe’s mom) for this week! 🙂

Well that’s all I got for now, thanks for reading :). Laters.. xoxo.




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