If it’s not one thing, it’s something else

Summer break so far has been a mix of fun and stress. I guess that the way it’s supposed to be though *sigh*. We went to the beach on Tuesday. It was fun for the most part and when I wasn’t chasing Ian down the freaking beach because he kept wondering off. If its not Ian driving me crazy with mom mom mom than Thomas is crying! Ugh! I’m so sick of summer vacation already. Thomas’ nap schedule has been completley thrown off because Ian is home and everything is just out of fucking whack! I need a break from all this chaos before I snap! Plus I don’t have a car so I can’t take them anymore and its been so damn hot the past few days. Ian refuses to play outside! Its just all a mess and I feel like screaming because no matter what I do it just isn’t good enough! We have plans tomorrow so hopefully I can get out of this funk because I am just so grumpy and I have been since yesterday afternoon and I feel like I could explode at any given time! *sigh* I hate feeling like this!


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