Summer Break day 2

Today was so much better than yesterday. We had lots of sun here today so we were able to play outside several times. We even played in the water hose, the redneck swimming pool ;). Not nearly as much crying, complaining and fussing as yesterday. We played with some PlayDoh… it was a fun day! Now I’m blasting some Five Finger Death Punch…hahaha :). Watch because today was such a good day tomorrow will be a hell day lmao ;). The only thing that was a little weird was a phone call I got from my step mom. She was drunk and high on some pills and she told me that her and my Dad were fighting like hell and she was leaving him. All I could think was good fucking riddance, BYE bitch! I seriously can’t stand her. She’s always messed up and I hate the way she talks to my Dad. When I was on the phone with her she said that my Dad didn’t want to talk to me and then I heard her yell at my Dad and the phone went dead. About 20 minutes later my Dad called me back apoligizing for her and the whole time I was talking to him I could hear her in the background. My Dad and I actually had a good conversation besides my step mom running her fucking mouth. GAH… how I can’t stand her. My Dad asked me to bring the Hubby and our boys over on Sunday to visit and I asked him if he was going to be there, he said he would and I made him promise. My Dad has a real bad habit of making plans with me and then not being home when we go visit. It’s happened a lot so I’m a little leary of going over there Sunday but what the hell, I miss him. Anyhow, when he said he would be home my step mom was like, “I won’t be here!” I don’t give a rat’s ass if she’s there to be honest, I’m not going to see her I’m going to see my Dad! I made sure I let my dad know that and he kept telling me “I know, I know”. Hopefully she really won’t be there *evil laugh*. My Dad is a totally different person when she isn’t around. And just to be clear they aren’t really married, it’s just out of habit that I call her my step mom. Her and my Dad have been together since I was really little. Anyhow……. I’m outie to snuggle my boys ❤.Image



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