It’s been awhile.

Wow! It has been quiete some time since I have posted. Life got so busy and a ton of things were happening. It seems things have settled down for the moment so I’m back for the time being :). Thomas, my youngest, has finally started walking, he’s 19 months now. Ian is still well Ian and today is his last day of Kindergarden. His 6th birthday party was a HUGE success and his teachers came.. LOVE them to death! We are still here in this dreadful apartment, can’t wait to move but unfortunately we’re stuck here until next January. We have new neighbors and someone is alwasy banging on something! They are actually very nice guys, they’re Morman. Very sweet kids but my goodness they are loud!  ONE SEC….. Okay… had to lay Thomas back down. Poor kid’s been up since like 6:30 because big brother was being obnoxious this morning before I had to take him to the bus. Anyhow.. what was I talking about? Oh yes.. neighbors lol… they are very nice and they just love Ian to death. We’ve been playing outside a lot because it’s been so nice and everytime they see him they talk to him, lots of high fives involved lol. They always say hi when they see me and they’re always offering to help me if I need anything, bless their hearts :).

My husband and I are finally on the same page with Ian and his ASD. It’s been a long battle and lots of appointments for therapy. He still hasn’t been offically diagnosed but I’m agreeing with his teachers, his therapist and the school therapist on this. He is different than other kids and has been and it’s nice that someone else sees it instead of just me. We had a meeting with a child psychologist about 6 or 7 months ago. He spent ONE hour with Ian and told us that he wasn’t ASD. I seriously wanted to smack him. How can you spend ONE hour with a child and come up with something that fast? I don’t understand that. Ian has come so far and he’s getting smarter every single day! Ian was evaluated by his pre school and theydiagnosed him with ASD, that was 2 years ago. Ian was also evaluated by his current school twice and both times he was given the ASD diagnoses. While he was in school he was taking speech and behavorial therapy and he was also in occupational therapy. The OT has helped him so so much! Outside of school he was taking speech and BT. We dropped the ST because I honestly don’t think he needs it. He talks like a little man :).

I know this post is jumbled but that’s just how it came out of my brain lol. That’s all I have to say for now, thanks for reading :).




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