What Evil Has Taken Root?

Here is a video from Halloween Horror Nights website. The first house has been released and it’s Cabin In The Woods :). I can’t believe they released it so early but yay for me :). This is by far my most fave event EVER and I absolutley cannot wait for this! This is like someone, a lone blogger, obsessed with exposing the evil taking root in the woods! Here is a link to their blog http://www.eviltakesroot.com.


Here We Go Again

Summer break is not even nearly over and it’s starting to get really hot! I was running out of ideas until my husband came up with one last night. I was talking to him last night and he’s been getting some overtime in and he just left for an out of town trip down south for work. He’s getting paid for 12 hour days and he got a raise on Friday :). Good news for us right? We still haven’t gotten our tax refund check, according to the IRS it’s been recieved and it’s still being processed. Anyhow, hubby suggested that we take the boys to WDW next weekend! I’m excited but in a way I only half believe him. Our passes are running out soon and I’ve been bugging him to go and then last night just out of the blue he starts talking about all the overtime he’s getting and then he says that we’ll go to WDW next weekend. I want to go so I hope he didn’t just say that to make me feel better (yesterday was pretty bad). So everyone keep your fingers crossed for us. I haven’t said anything to the boys yet and even if it turns out that we go I think I’ll keep it a surprise :). Thomas is still young so it won’t make a difference to him if I say anything or not BUT Ian… oh man lol. To prepare Ian I think I’ll just tell him that we’re going on a trip somewhere but I won’t tell him where. He’s okay with surprises but he likes to know what’s going on. So here’s to hoping this doesn’t fall through!Image

When life hands you lemons…

… smash those fuckers! That’s what I would do right now! This weekend has been terriable. Its 6:41am here and I’ve been up off and on since 4am. The baby woke up because he lost his paci and so of course ME not my husband got up, found the paci and gave it to baby. Baby tossed and turned for an hour before he finally fell back asleep only to wake up at 6:22am. I was just falling back asleep. Now I am up and so are both the boys and my husband is still in bed! I NEVER get to sleep in ( whining a bit.. sorry).
I’ve been in a shit mood since yesterday! We took the boys to the park because Ian had a play date. Afterwards we got ice cream. After ice cream is when my mood started. Hubby needs a new cell phone, we stopped at 2 different stores for him and I had to sit in the car with the boys! Sometimes I feel like we’re an inconvienence to him! It was BS! Anyhow we came home and he had to go to the neighbors and then he had to go to the store. We did need things from the store but it’s annoying that he didn’t want us to go ANYWHERE with him! Everytime he “needed” to go somewhere I stayed home with the boys. Fair..I think NOT! Anyhow, that’s all for now but I’m sure I’ll have something else to add later!

Monday Blues….maybe

Today did NOT start off as being a good day but Mondays never do I guess. Bad things happen on Monday. Thomas (my 19month old) had me up at 6am and shortly after Ian (my 6 yr old) woke up. So me and both the boys were up super early and I am not liking that I had to wake up early. Thomas has been banging on everthing and Ian keeps smelling my feet.. weirdo lol. He (meaning Ian) is just looking for some kind of trouble to get into and he keeps pestering the dog *sigh*. It makes me want to scream at the top of my lungs, no one would hear me though.

On another note Fathers Day did turn out to be a great day! We celebrated for 2 days. Saturday we went to my Dad’s house and surprisingly my step mom was fucking sober! I was speechless and she made homemade mac and cheese, which is amazing by the way and she bought a cake and had it decorated for my Dad and Steve! My Dad… it was good to see him. It had been 6 months since I’d seen my Dad and I was very sad when we had to leave. My Dad is one of those people that tell you one thing and then do something totally different. I love my Dad and he’s a really good Dad but ever since my Memaw (his mom) died he’s been a different person, more closed off and distant. Anyhow, he just couldn’t get over how big the boys were and when we got there he was very teary eyed. I thought for sure he was going to cry and as a daughter, it is the worst thing in the world to see your Daddy cry. He didn’t cry though :). It was such a relief to be over there and not have any drama. My step mom drinks a lot and she pops pills on top of it and then things just go to hell and she becomes fucking crazy! I could tell you some stories from my childhood about her but I’ll save those for another time. Anyway, my Dad got in the pool with Ian and Thomas and he was just eating all that up, he loved seeing us. And let me just tell you.. him spending time with the boys and smiling and laughing with them just made my day. I loved seeing my Dad so happy. That was the reason I was sad for leaving because I was taking the boys home and he got really sad. He wanted Ian to spend the night with him but I had no clothes or anything so I told my Dad another time and he seemed okay with that.

ImageMy Dad with the boysImageDaddy and Thomas

Now onto Sunday, Fathers Day, that was a good day too. We met Steve’s (husband) parents at Golden Corral for lunch. My god was it packed. Just us getting in and paying we were in line for like 5 minutes! When we got up to the front and paid and all the jazz we were seated and guess where they sat us? Right by the ice machine lol.. so everytime the waitresses had to come get ice Thomas would jump and fuss when they started filling up the buckets lol. We all got a good giggle out of it that’s for sure. He’d (meaning Thomas) look over at them and the look on his face was like WTF lol. Good stuff, good stuff. Lunch was good and then we were going to go play mini golf but we decided we’d go another time since the boys were both moody. No one would have fun. 

Now as far as Summer break….. it’s been insane. That’s the only word I have to describe it! We’ve got lots of plans for the Summer but we’re still waiting on our damn tax check to come so we can get things under way. Last Friday Ian had a playdate with his best buddy Gabe. Gabe’s mom came and so did Gabe’s little sister Grace. We went to the park by my apartment and then we played in the water hose and ate doughnuts and popsicles hahaha. One of Ian’s teachers even came and hung out with us. Ian has 3 teachers, 1 actual teacher and then 2 teacher aides. They’ve all become my friends :). We all text each other all the time lol. I’m going to try and set up another playdate with Tina (Gabe’s mom) for this week! 🙂

Well that’s all I got for now, thanks for reading :). Laters.. xoxo.



If it’s not one thing, it’s something else

Summer break so far has been a mix of fun and stress. I guess that the way it’s supposed to be though *sigh*. We went to the beach on Tuesday. It was fun for the most part and when I wasn’t chasing Ian down the freaking beach because he kept wondering off. If its not Ian driving me crazy with mom mom mom than Thomas is crying! Ugh! I’m so sick of summer vacation already. Thomas’ nap schedule has been completley thrown off because Ian is home and everything is just out of fucking whack! I need a break from all this chaos before I snap! Plus I don’t have a car so I can’t take them anymore and its been so damn hot the past few days. Ian refuses to play outside! Its just all a mess and I feel like screaming because no matter what I do it just isn’t good enough! We have plans tomorrow so hopefully I can get out of this funk because I am just so grumpy and I have been since yesterday afternoon and I feel like I could explode at any given time! *sigh* I hate feeling like this!

Summer Break day 2

Today was so much better than yesterday. We had lots of sun here today so we were able to play outside several times. We even played in the water hose, the redneck swimming pool ;). Not nearly as much crying, complaining and fussing as yesterday. We played with some PlayDoh… it was a fun day! Now I’m blasting some Five Finger Death Punch…hahaha :). Watch because today was such a good day tomorrow will be a hell day lmao ;). The only thing that was a little weird was a phone call I got from my step mom. She was drunk and high on some pills and she told me that her and my Dad were fighting like hell and she was leaving him. All I could think was good fucking riddance, BYE bitch! I seriously can’t stand her. She’s always messed up and I hate the way she talks to my Dad. When I was on the phone with her she said that my Dad didn’t want to talk to me and then I heard her yell at my Dad and the phone went dead. About 20 minutes later my Dad called me back apoligizing for her and the whole time I was talking to him I could hear her in the background. My Dad and I actually had a good conversation besides my step mom running her fucking mouth. GAH… how I can’t stand her. My Dad asked me to bring the Hubby and our boys over on Sunday to visit and I asked him if he was going to be there, he said he would and I made him promise. My Dad has a real bad habit of making plans with me and then not being home when we go visit. It’s happened a lot so I’m a little leary of going over there Sunday but what the hell, I miss him. Anyhow, when he said he would be home my step mom was like, “I won’t be here!” I don’t give a rat’s ass if she’s there to be honest, I’m not going to see her I’m going to see my Dad! I made sure I let my dad know that and he kept telling me “I know, I know”. Hopefully she really won’t be there *evil laugh*. My Dad is a totally different person when she isn’t around. And just to be clear they aren’t really married, it’s just out of habit that I call her my step mom. Her and my Dad have been together since I was really little. Anyhow……. I’m outie to snuggle my boys ❤.Image


Day 1 of Summer break

It has been a very crazy day! Both the boys have been up since about 6:30am and Thomas is just now taking a nap. Ian is still… okay so forget that, Thomas isn’t asleep. I can’t take this. If Summer is going to be like this someone might as well just admit me right now because I seriously can’t take it. Every time I have told Ian to do something it’s “I don’t want to.” Boy I didn’t ask you to do anything I told you to! They are both so tired is stupid. It’s been raining ALL damn day so we haven’t been able to do anything. I seriously feel like ripping my hair out and screaming all this anger out! I’m am pissed today. I’m so tired of the crying and the whining it’s ridiculous and Ian started spitting. I have seriously had about all I can handle for one day. It’s been insane here all day long and I feel like I’m going to have a fucking nervous breakdown because I just can’t get a break. Every time I sit down it’s mom this or mom that. GAH!!! I need a damn vacation!