Horror Nights was AWESOME!

If you’ve been reading you know that this past weekend I went to Halloween Horror Nights. It was opening weekend & it was so so much fun! We took my husbands cousin, she’s 14, & I think she’s hooked :). We didn’t get to our hotel until around 8ish & we got to HHN shortly after. Friday night was kind of a bummer. This year there were no scarezones & there were just different kinds of scareactors just roaming the streets. Well Friday night the streets were completly EMPTY so needless to say I was dissapointed! We only got to do 2 houses b/c the lines were insane. We did Silent Hill & Gothic. Silent Hill was pretty damn cool :)! They had the ash falling & the siren went off once you walked into the room where all the darkness was! In the last room was Pyramid Head & I was totally in awe lol! I was staring at him & he reached out towards my face & I just smiled lol. It was so surreal b/c the scareactor did such an amazing job! He was walking like he does in the movie & everything & he was on silts so he was giant-sigh-. Gothic was awesome too! Most deff worth the 45 minute wait! Inside the maze it was beautiful & the gargoyles were very scary.. loved the ones the flew above my head!!
Saturday was by far THE BEST night! We got to the park around 7 & in like 30 minutes we had 3 houses done & we saw some of the street scareactors. The warriors & the chainsaw brigade of women prisoners. We finished the houses but missed the 2 shows.. but whatever no big deal there. First was House Of Horrors was good & it scared the mess out of the cuzzo.. haha. It was hard to see stuff b/c of all the strobe effects & the blacklights so you couldn’t tell when someone was gonna get you! Everytime she screamed I screamed lol. Next we did Alice Coopers Welcome To My Nightmare & it was more than awesome! I was lost for words lol. This was my first fave house. The house was based on a character named Steven & we were thrown into his head & it was just fun & scary.. loved it. Next we did Penn & Teller Newked Las Vegas & it was 3D. Very fun house, it was kinda hard to tell what was real until someone jumped out & scared you! I laughed through this whole house.. it was so fun! Next was The Walking Deads Dead Inside.. this was my second fave house & most deff worth the hour wait!! I screamed so much in this house that I was hoarse the next day lol. The facade walking into this house was absolutley amazing :)! I love this house & if the line wouldn’t have been so long we would have done it again! Next we did Dead End & the only thing I can say about this house was that is was no good! It was cool walking through it but it was kinda cheesy & it wasn’t scary by any means! The rooms were creepy but not scary. This house failed to scare me & we waited in line for over 45 minutes.. so not worth it. So if you go if you skip this house you will miss nothing lol!
So that’s my HHN weekend :)! Besides that one house I thought everything else was pretty amazing. Well also besides there hardly being any scareactors roaming the streets. That was just flat out dissapointing! They most deff need to bring the scarezones back!!! Okay so hope you had fun reading! Can’t wait for next year :)!!


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