It’s almost time XD

4 MORE DAYS folks, just 4 more days!

Oh how I long for the sound of the screaming & the roar of those chainsaws & the smell of that sweet sweet Halloween Horror Nights fog! This year is going to be EPIC! The Walking Dead, Silent Hill & Alice Cooper..YES! 2012 will be the best year yet. Hordes of zombies & monsters stalking your every move…-sigh-…should be a scary good time :)! As I’ve said before we’re taking my hubbys cousin. She’s never been before & she’s 14. She’s so excited which makes me happy! She’s in for a super good scaring…-evil laugh-. Over the past few days I’ve been planning what to wear & I’ve been looking for some awesome ways to rip up my zombie shirt. I found some tutorials on youtube & shredded my shirt. Now its HHN approved lol. It looks great, can’t wait to wear it! I’ll post pictures below! So anyhow stay tuned for more exciting stuff! Thanks for reading!

The front of my shirt

And the back. Wouldn’t you say its zombie approved ;)!


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