Happy Happy Joy Joy…..NOT!!

Okay so today isn’t looking good at all! It is 4:17 in the am & my 9m old is still awake! He’s been awake since a little after midnight. I went to bed at 10, so right now I’m working on 2 hrs of sleep…WTF right. I’ve tried rocking this kid, laying down w/ him & I put him in his swing w/ the music on..all no good. I’m rocking him now & he keeps squirming & trying to sit up. I am so tired its stupid! Since the day I brought him home he’s never been a good sleeper but holy moly batman this is insane. He is teething so being a mommy that’s the first thing I thought b/c when I intially picked him up he was fussy & warm. I gave him some infant tylenol & he’s still awake! I do not see myself going through this day w/o coffee & even w/ coffee I’m still going to be a zombie…just my luck & I have to get my 5yr old up in a little while & get him ready for school..aye yi yi.


2 thoughts on “Happy Happy Joy Joy…..NOT!!

  1. Hi Neda,

    I’m glad to find your blog here, it looks like we began our blogs at the same time! Hope you’re not feeling too zombie-like today – I’ve got a 4 month old and she has taken to waking up at 4am (after months of sleeping through!) and I’ve got the WORST throat infection (feels like I’ve swallowed broken glass) so I know how you’re feeling having to be a Mum and be exhausted! I hope you (and the little one) manage to get a snooze today!

    P.S: I’m a massive True Blood fan too! 🙂

    • When hubby got up at 5am I went back to bed for about 45 minutes. Didn’t really help much but he was being sweet (hubby) so I took advantage of it b/c it doesn’t happen often lol :)! I’m sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well, I hope your throat feels better super soon & its always great to met another Trubie :).

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