The before & after of Disney


The picture above is us on Splash Mountain :)! My poor Ian looks terrified but I can’t help but laugh when I look at this picture.

Okay so anyhow.. we were down at Walt Disney World for 3 1/2 days, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & we checked out of our suite Sunday morning & drove home. Thursday was our 1/2 day. Once we got checked into our suite we went to Magic Kingdom for a little while & holy hell it was hot! We had a good time while we were there although Ian was fussy & freaking out about everything except seeing Mickey Mouse lol. It had been awhile since we’d been there so he was nervous. We just pretty much walked around Thursday. I think we rode the teacups once & Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin. Here’s us on the teacups Thursday. I’m not sure what was up w/ Ian but I can’t help but giggle when I watch this.

Friday was the best day there! Ian did a bunch of big boy stuff & we all had a blast! We got Ian to ride Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain, teacups, the race cars which he absolutley loved, we also rode the Jungle Cruise. I was proud of him & he was a trooper riding all those big boy rides. We left the park once. Ian napped & we had lunch & then back to the park we went.

He got to see Tigger & Pooh Bear & let me just say..Pooh Bear gives THE BEST hugs :)! We also saw Mickey & Minne again.



The Pooh Bear & Tigger picture is from Thursday & Mickey & Minnie is from Friday. Anyhow, Saturday we went to Epcot & Hollywood Studios. Epcot totally sucked! Nothing was running! Test Track was closed & Finding Nemo was down so needless to stay we weren’t here long at all. We took Ian on Soarin & left. He loved it by the way. At Hollywood Studios we didn’t do much either. We took Ian to see Lightning McQueen & Tow Mater, he got a pic w/ Tow Mater. Wish I had one to post but hubby took the pic & he didn’t send it to me yet lol. We walked around, had lunch & then walked around some more. We were going to ride Toy Story Mania but the wait was 110 mins so we were like no lol. There wasn’t much else to do so back over to the Magic Kingdom we went & that’s when it went sour. Ian was tired we were all hot & hubby was frustrated. We got Ian on the teacups one more time & he was done. He got real fussy & just didn’t wanna do anything. So we got ice cream & walked around & ended up leaving. We went back to our suite & Ian rested & we decided to go to dinner & go to downtown disney. It took us 1/2 hr to find a parking spot! It was packed..crazy stuff! We just did some shopping & back to our suite we went. On the way back to our suite we ended up getting lost & got on a toll road somehow! It was frustrating! We didn’t get back to our hotel until after 9:30 & we left downtown disney around 7:30, 8:00 lol. It was a mess! Oh & I forgot to say that our hotel was next to Old Town & the funspot. My husband rode that sling shot thing & omg! I told him he was nuts but he loves suff like that. Wish I would’ve gotten a pic :)! Anyhow, when we got back to the suite after getting lost we all took showers & went to bed! That was the night Ian slept best..of course the day we leave he actually sleeps the night before. So that’s our trip in a nutshell. It was chaos but it was fun. Can’t wait to go back in a month & then again in November for our Thomas’s birthday. He’ll be turning 1 :)! So..okay thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed!


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