Watch out Mickey Mouse b/c here we come! :)

Okay so we’re on the way to go see the famous mouse himself! My Ian is more than excited & I am too! Lots of family fun ahead. We dropped our other baby off w/ his great grandma b/c he’s only 8m. I think it’ll be good for the 3 of us to have some time together :)…some quality Ian time is what I’ve been calling it. Anyhow, we’re stopped at a rest stop now, hubbys getting some hotel coupon books. We’ll be on the road again…as a matter of fact here we go…haha. So the plan is to do Magic Kingdom 2 days & then Epcot 1 day. Those are our 2 fave parks & they have the most to do as a family. Hubby is thinking about getting season passes & if we do that we’ll park hop for 4 days which is exciting so I’m hoping hubby goes w/ that option :). Packing for this trip almost felt like we were moving & we rented a car & I so totally want one lol. We rented a ford fiesta & I’m in love w/ it! No I’m not driving & blogging, hubbys doing the driving lol ;). Anyhow, I’ve gotta go through these hotel books but stay tuned for more Disney fun :)! Thanks for reading!


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